Sunday, September 13, 2015

Treat Your Fans Better

So tonight myself & my wife went to a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony concert in Toronto, Ontario.
Show was great. Never really listened to them, I knew 1 song..... But zero words of that song. My wife is a big fan of them though. So I went to keep her company & be entertained by .... Performers.
Now, take into account, I'm usually on the other side of the situation, as the performer. So I'm always intrigued to see how other artists perform or deal with fans/audiences..... Especially meet & greets.
Like I said before, my wife is a Fan of these dudes, so she purchased meet & greet VIP tickets to meet the guys, get some stuff signed & snap a picture. The Show was great, good performances I guess, but the draw was super low. Myb 250 people? And limited VIP tickets. Only 30 of us could stay for the meet & greet. Show ended & we waited. Bought a $30 hat to get signed for the wife. The only reason I'm giving all these details is to give the reader (that's you) enough details to know why this situation sucked. So we finally got up to "meet" these dudes. 1 of them off flirting with some nasty groups, 2 of them were joking with each other, the other just couldn't be bothered. My poor wife was so excited & mustered up the courage to ask "how have you liked being in Toronto?" ......... You could hear a pin drop. No body even replied. So I said "hey, good show tonight guys" ........ Myb spark a convo so my wife could jump in. Nope. Nothing again. We get pushed like cattle to get this photo over with & sent on our way.

Photo will be in my tweet promoting this blog. You can see how serious I take the photo.
Double Thumbs up for Gangster Rap.

So anyways.  I get it. You guys sold a platinum album & we're friends with Easy E..... But Terrible draw for these guys tonight, couldn't fill a 1,000 person concert hall & they thought they were too "big" to look up & answer a simple question??? Who bought all those CD's to make it platinum? Fans did.

I'm just using this crappy situation as an example. I've seen this on my level of entertainment as well & it annoys me just the same. This just sparked my annoyance & lit the fire enough to write a blog.

If you're in entertainment & fans approach you, pay attention to them. On a weekly basis I meet new fans or continue to build relationships with loyal fans. These are the people who make all these shows/concerts/events possible. Without them you'd have to buy your own CD to make it platinum. You'd have to watch your own wrestling shows to have an audience to perform in front of. Are some fans weird & awkward .... Maybe. Or maybe you're just a crappy dude & can't relate to the struggle of mustering up the courage to ask for an autograph or a photo. These experiences only open my eyes more & more & make it so much easier to be GOOD to the people who put food in my mouth & make noise for me while I chase my dream. Thanks to all the fans & honestly support the guys who appreciate it. Not all of the entertainers in the world are lame. Just some.

Sorry for the long over drawn rant. I just hated seeing my wife go from super fan, to "I don't like these guys anymore" ..... Ps. 30 people were at the meet & greet. JUST 30! If you can't pay attention to 30 damn people, stay home.

- Ethan Page

Monday, July 6, 2015


Here's another random & speratic blog entry.
I don't do these often, but when I do, it's usually for a good reason or special cause.

This time around I just wanted to shed some light on my current employer WWN Live aka Gabe Sapolsky & Sal (I'm gonna butcher his last name so ... Just Sal)

Signed a contract with them about 4-5 months ago? Or myb less. Whatever it was around wrestlemanja weekend. Since then I've appeared on every Evolve show... Well, almost every Evolve show. In my contract I'm obligated to appear at all dates requested by Gabe & WWN Live. But wait, Ethan .... You missed a show in NYC recently & only appeared on the 2nd night!!! Yes, that's true, thanks to my great boss' for allowing me to attend my cousins wedding & working around my personal life. 1 point to WWN.

Now we come to July 10th. Ethan Page is advertised for AIW's Absolution 10 event in Cleveland & Evolve is running in Florida. Contractually I'm obligated to appear in Florida.... But I'm going to be in Cleveland performing for AIW. Usually it would be my rebellious attitude to blame for this, but in all honesty I enjoy my working relationship with Gabe & the creative freedom he grants me with Evolve. I'm happy to be a part of the growth & rebirth of this company. I've always been & forever will be a passionate employee & a company guy. I was with AIW since day 1 & owe them a lot & now I will be for Evolve from now till my next step in my career. But on July 10th I have unfinished business with Eddie Kingston on the biggest event AIW has ever put on. I take pride in knowing I am part of the team that launched AIW into a higher position as a Top Tier World Wide Indy company. I needed to be on this event. So I asked Gabe if this was okay. He could have 100% said "no we need you in Florida" and I would have done just that. It's my obligation to the company to perform when asked. But Gabe selflessly allowed me to honor this AIW date & hopefully close the Eddie Kingston chapter in my storied AIW career. Props to Gabe & WWN for letting this happen.

AIW did a similar thing recently with PWG & DDT4. JLIT Night 1, Josh & I were booked & ready to turn down PWG's offer for DDT4. We asked Thorne & Biggins what they thought & they both selflessly allowed us to perform in Cali & then work JLIT Night 2. Now I can say I was PWG Tag Team Champion.... Even if just for 60 minutes.

These types of acts need to continue. Companies working together to help grow talent over all.
It benefits everyone to play nice every once in a while.

Let's just all get along!

See me LIVE July 10th in Cleveland OH
Vs Eddie Kingston - I QUIT MATCH

But if you're not in the Cleveland area, order the Evolve iPPVs @
Evolve has been ON FIRE lately with the best Roster in the world IMO!
Which you'll be able to see me perform at Evolve again in August vs Gargano - Anything Goes Match!

Thanks to WWN & AIW for doing good by me :)

- Ethan Page

Monday, March 16, 2015

WrestleMania ..... Weekend

Hey everyone!

       I'm about to reach another landmark in my rise in pro wrestling. A career goal I set out for myself many years ago. WrestleMania weekend ... HERE COMES ETHAN PAGE!

       Now being flown out to San Jose to be a part of this spectacular weekend is enough to make me want to write a blog but so many other things factor into making this weekend SO MUCH MORE SPECIAL! So let me start with ... who BOOKS these events I'm on. His name is Gabe Sapolsky.

      Gabe has a history of booking/utilizing the next breakout talent. That's not really why I'm bringing him up, because for years I thought I was JUST THAT... the NEXT breakout star. In April of 2012 I worked a dark match for Evolve in Toronto. I personally think I did great! That match is online ... check it out. It's versus another hidden gem Alessandro Del Bruno - - During, Before & After the match I asked/harassed Gabe for feedback or a chance to work for him on the main roster on a regular basis. I was ready to commit to being a wrestler. His words weren't too encouraging & his reaction to my match was lack luster. Needless to say .... heart = broken. But it's wrestling, I book shows, I judge talent, I get it. Business is business & I wasn't going to generate any business/revenue for Evolve or WWN at the level I was at. On the other hand, at the time, I totally hated Gabe. No word of a lie, I was ready to hang up my books THAT NIGHT & go fulltime promoter for Alpha-1 Wrestling which was gaining major steam locally. Fate struck me right in the face that same night when Jen Blake called me & asked if I could drive her to AIW the very next day. I was promised pay, trans & a dark match..... the rest was history! Bitter brat Ethan Page was gunning for Gabe. To prove I was better then his entire roster & that he made the mistake of brushing me off. Thankfully AIW & soon after AAW gave me all the opportunity in the world to improve on all aspects of wrestling. In ring, mic work, character development, story telling, drawing new fans, growing as a performer, marketing myself & maturing as a business man. Slowly but surely as time went on my stock rose, my value as an asset to any company grew & in my VERY humble opinion .. Ethan Page is a valued member of an elite group of wrestlers touring North America. I've reached a level of "indy stardom" ..... which garnered me enough notoriety & success to get the call from Gabe for WrestleMania Weekend... in 2015! 3 years of hustling to make something like this happen. Moral of the story, don't give up dudes/dudettes! Make shit happen on your own!

As for what I'm doing in San Jose for WWN live ... well, it's another solid reason why I'm uber excited! Night 1 for Evolve I'll be going one-on-one against Chris Hero ... for the 1st time ever ... on the biggest annual weekend in wrestling. Now Chris has been a fixture on the independents. But also a fixture on my fat ass mark bucket list of guys I NEED to wrestle. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli were in my top 5 wrestlers as a wrestling fan. Hands down, I admired these guys. Always hustling & traveling & making shit happen. Was a never ending list of things about them that impressed me, in singles action or tag team. Luckily I got to work with Claudio REALLY young in Canada thanks to local promoter Steve Brown. Dream come true for me real early. Now almost 7 years later, Page vs Hero is happening & I couldn't be more ready or excited. And for all the "you're just saying that so you can hype the iPPV" people ... here are 2 cold hard facts about my fandom for Hero.

1. When I started as "All Ego" my original idea was to be "The All Ego Kid" ... or at one time "That Young Ego Kid" ... straight up rip off of one of my favorite guys.

2. My old  gear that I still wear now & again .... 100% ripped off Chris Hero. Just changed the font a little bit ... terribly copied gear.

Here's proof!

Sorry about the zoomed in dick pics ... but you get the point.

Order this live on iPPV - PLUS Night 2 I'll be going head to head with AR Fox for the 2nd time since 2013 ... 2 different wrestlers now & more matured & well rounded. We'll 100% blow our last match out of the water. This isn't a match you want to miss either! Then Night 3 which is the WWN Live Super Show - Mercury Rising - Not sure who I'm wrestling to be honest, but to be a part of this BIG event will be something special & you all know I'll be going hard! Don't miss all 3 shows!

This brings me to a couple big shows I have lined up for March & April.

- AIW this Friday! Gauntlet for the Gold! STACKED SHOW! 30 Man Rumble! Winner faces the champ at Absolution 10! The BIG 10 year mark! I WANT TO MAIN EVENT THIS SHOW! - don't miss the road to Absolution!

- AAW this Saturday! Epic 11 Year Anniversary Event! Nothing is announced yet, but damn the card is GREAT! Title matches & stacked line up! Plus one of my favorite venues Berwyn Eagles Club!

- AAW on April 10th is the BIGGEST event they've ever run! Samoa Joe, Tommy End, Tomasso Ciampa, Gargano ... just freaking STACKED!

- DreamWave on April 11th - Monster Mafia debuts & Ethan Page returns! 4 way elimination tag match! We get to mix it up with Joey Ryan & Candice plus Hooligans! Fans 100% wanna see this & so do I!

- Alpha-1 Wrestling on April 12th - THE BIGGEST A1 Show EVER! Kingston vs Seleziya - Mike Bailey vs Rickey Shane Page - finally me vs Tyler Thomas in singles match! This show is HEATED & so much on it to be worth the price of admission or a DVD purchase!

SO MUCH going on! So many ways to support Ethan Page, Monster Mafia or Indy Wrestling in general! is a good way to support too!

Thanks for the read guys. I'm super excited for what's to come in the future. Enjoy the ride, because I surely man!

- Ethan Page
@OfficialEGO - Twitter

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Living My Dream On My Own Terms

Hello fans & or people reading this to see how controversial this post will be ... either way, WELCOME!

Haven't really posted on here in a little while, figure I've reach another milestone in my career & wouldn't mind sharing my thought process with the people who've been supporting me throughout my efforts to become an indy wrestling superstar!

..... Hey look ... it's actually kinda happening now!

PWG this past friday was a dream come true.... obviously. A goal I set for Josh & I in 2012/2013 can't remember when it was exactly. But it was 100% the reason behind us becoming a tag team. To get to ROH, then use that ROH resume to get to PWG. Which ... I guess it KIND of went that way ... not really, but KINDA! To be honest, I never would have been happy with this dream coming true if the announcer said "Ethan Gabriel Owens" over the P.A. System in Reseda, CA. It just wouldn't have gone the way I'd always dreamed.

Let's touch up on that too. Ethan Page is who I am, who I've always been & who I will be forever. I mean, until Vinny Mac wants to pay me to make a living as his talent on the WWE roster ... this name will never change. I'm actually personally disappointed in myself that I let that happen just to achieve something on my bucket list. It was a great experience &  I loved working in front of the Ring of Honor audience. The fans were amazing & that in itself was a dream come true, but lets be honest ... it wasn't on my own terms. PWG & the feeling I had coming out the curtain, fans chanting "Ethan PAGE" ...  ROH also telling us that "Monster Mafia" wasn't a good tag name & they hated it ... well, the 300+ PWG faithful seemed to like it, since they chanted it a handful of times while we were killing it with the Young Bucks ... and that was the real dream come true. Realizing that I've put work into creating & branding myself & the name ETHAN PAGE or MONSTER MAFIA & all those years of work accumulated to doing what I love in the hottest promotion in North America? Biggest compliment & boost I could after how poorly myself & Monster Mafia was handled in ROH. 

(Side note, I never assumed we were on the roster or even superstars ... but damn it sucked)

Anyways, being seen as an asset was a great feeling. Achieving a career goal & being asked to return was a great feeling & knowing it was Ethan Page who did it & Ethan Page who will be talked about ... that was the BEST! .... Even though Dave Meltzer seems to think Ethan Cage is better ... who'd that guy ever beat though... toss Ethan Cage in a faction with Ethan Gabriel Owens, Al Snow & bring back the J.O.B. Squad. 

- April 3rd - Monster Mafia vs Matt Sydal & Chris Sabin - See everyone again in Reseda!

And this now brings me to the next day, AAW. A company I started with in 2013, 2 years ago now. Just as the opening act w/ Josh. We didn't even have matching gear. They just gave us a chance to do what we do best & we delivered. Fast forward 2 years & now Josh & I are 2 of the main players in AAW, the companies growth is fantastic, they've stepped up production & the up & coming talent is amazing. They found a gem in Eddie Kingston & rebranded him as an AAW guy & I love it. I'm proud to be a part of AAW & they've always treat myself & Josh great! This weekend they we're more or less booked in a corner & needed to fly us home from Chicago & the crew was stellar about it. Couldn't say enough good things about the whole experience. 

- March 21st - Monster Mafia will return to AAW - See everyone again in Berwyn, IL

All in all, since Josh & I started teaming it's been a wild ride. From driving thousands of hours in the dead of night on no sleep, to sleeping in airports traveling across North America knowing we add value to an event ... it's an amazing feeling. But the only reason promoters see us as an asset is because the fans see us as must see talent. So thank you guys for constantly supporting us & praising our hard work. It's greatly appreciated. 

- Ethan Page 

ps. Don't forget to see me live at 2 of my favorite companies to work! 

AIW in Cleveland -
Alpha-1 in Hamilton -

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 in Review

Well, I haven't had a blog entry in a while! Mostly because I'm getting married & my life has been hectic! As my Fiance pukes her guts out from some bad sushi, I'm up late tending to her & figured what the heck! Let's bring back the blog entries!

So I'm going to review 2014! I have a terrible memory so bare with me & make sure to tweet me your fav 2014 memory of #AllEgo

Twitter: @OfficialEGO

ANYWAYS... Let's get going!

2014 was a killer year for me. I captured the AAW tag team titles w/ long time friend & mentor Michael Elgin ... That was cool! Always held AAW in high regard as a fan & being featured as one of thier champions was awesome. Tons of killer matches spawned from this.

Also wrestled a bunch for Ring of Honor. Another goal/dream of mine. I've been watching ROH since I was 15 years old .... I'm 25! This was a dream come true & to perform in the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto was just the cherry on top. The whole dismise of my working relationship with ROH is only a small smudge mark on what was an awesome experience & achievement!

Turning a new leaf in AIW was HUGE! Getting to mold my character into something fresh & take a leap in a new direction was amazing. From Absolution 9 till now has been a ride I'll never forget. #GoodGuyEthan

Dropping the Alpha Male title to Alessandro Del Bruno. The match, the moment & the whole experience was magical. Honestly. Everything I love about wrestling. The air was thick & just felt special. Check it out if you have the funds!
Event: Immortal Kombat 2

Winning a bunch of tag belts with Josh Alexander! We won the BKPW tag belts, the Fringe Pro Tag Belts .... I'm having a brain fart ...
But either way. It was a good year us. Even though we lost those belts shortly after winning them & lost the IWL tag titles too ... BOOOOO!

Oh yeah. Had some fun matches in Evolve & DGUSA! Worked my first non-english speaking wrestler at DGUSA in one of those most fun matche's ever! So! Let's get to my top 10 Matches of the year!

#10 - vs Buff Bagwell (AIW)
The infamous CANADIAN DESTOYER! It was a challenge & pleasure working with Buff!

#9 - Dog Collar Match: vs Eddie Kingston (AIW)
I rarely throw down in the hardcore relm. This is a visual masterpiece.

#8 - 2/3 Falls Cage Match: Monster Mafia vs Young Bucks (IWL)
Anytime the young bucks are involved it's a good time! Especially vs US!

#7 - MOTY vs Ricochet & Uhaa Nation (AAW)
This is 100% a must see match from AAW's Jan event!

#6 - 4 Way Tag Match - ROH iPPV
Wasn't the longest or most epic match, but was a big one. Showcased us to the world & gave us the chance to say "yeah... We belong" and we did. 

#5 - Ethan Page vs Silus Young - (ROH)
Wasn't much of a match but it showcased what I was capable of & delivered on TV! Big moment!

#4 - Ethan Page vs Yuske Santa Maria (Sp?) (DGUSA)
The crowd that night in Brooklyn, NY was OFF THE WALL INSANE! Just amazing! Proud of this one for sure. Was a challenge working someone who doesn't speak English, but it all worked out!

#3 - Monster Mafia vs ReDRagon - (ROH)
This was just perfect! TV match, 8 mins, stole the show! Was magical haha' loved it!

#2 - Ethan Page vs Alessandro Del Bruno (Alpha-1)
Honestly one of the best matches I've ever had & will ever have. Bruno is amazing & we delivered! 

#1 - Ethan Page vs Johnny Gargano (AIW) 
I'll never have a match like this again in my life. Broke my wrist. Gave it my all. Pushed myself 
The story was perfect. The timing was perfect. The crowd was perfect. The mood. The setting. The match. Just ... Perfect. My best match in 8 years of wrestling.

Thanks for reading! Tweet me your fav match or moment! 
Which me luck in 2015 & thank you for all the constant support! 

- Ethan Page 

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm 25% Dead

       25% DEAD

       Well internet, it's been a minute since our last conversation. I decided to add another instalment in my blog today specifically because it's the night before my 25th birthday.

* wipes away tears *

     I know, I know, who cares about your 25th birthday Ethan Page... well, I DO! This milestone year represent a promise I made to my parents 8 years ago when I started as a pro wrestler.

Mom: So, how long you going to do this stupid wrestling stuff?

Ethan Page: Come on, at least let me try, I promise if I don't make it by the time I'm 25 I'll quit.

Mom: Deal, go try

And so began my path of becoming a professional wrestler.

So, come midnight tonight I'll be 25 & need to own up to my promise I made 8 years ago, luckily though.... I've made it.

I realize I'm not a millionaire, under contract with WWE or TNA .... or even ROH. But a nice conversation I had with 2 Cleveland friends of mine while I was having a career breakdown really turned my perspective around. To me "making it" always meant being a full-time wrestler on TV or being rich. But my good friends made me realize I really have made it. I had a dream to just BE a dude on the indies when I first started. Literally just wanted 1 booking a month & to be able to tell people I was a wrestler. As years past I always had my dreams grow, but always idolized & looked up to guys who wrestled for IWA-MS, Chikara, CZW, PWG & ROH. As time passed, IWA-MS left for good (... it hasn't come back, stop kidding yourselves) & the AIW's & AAW's started to fill the void. At the same time guys who worked for IWA-MS, CZW, ROH & such were all leaving the indies & more voids needed to be filled. In my humble (ya right) opinion, I truly believe I can say I filled a bit of that void on the indies. I am one of those guys I used to look up to. So in my eyes & my opinion, this to me is MAKING IT.

So to my mother I say, enjoy the next 25 years of my wrestling career. Hahahaha. In all seriousness I know how proud my parents are of me & everything I've accomplished & will continue to support me. This was more just for me to reflect on my empty promise to my parents & to reassess my point of view myself & my position in wrestling.

So long story short, I'm 25 years old & to the 17 year old me who started out in wrestling.... I'm doing just fine. I love wrestling & all the cool stuff it's given me & memories I've created. 25 years on earth have been well spent.

On that note, make sure to check out BKPW in Niagara Falls Saturday Sept 20th (my birthday)
Twitter: @BKPW_NF


Sept 21st is a HUGE 2 EVENTS IN ONE!
Fringe Pro - 12:30pm Monster Mafia in action!

Alpha-1 Wrestling 4pm - 1 day tournament for one of my favorite companies! has details! Event features Curt Hawkins!

Thanks for supporting my first 8 years in wrestling everybody, here is to 8 more!

- Ethan Page

Monday, August 25, 2014

Onward & Upward


           You see that? I put a title, underlined it & centered it. This is the extent of my high school education. Now let's pretend I did good in English class & write a bad ass blog about this following weekend & what I have in store for the month of September.... which is A LOT!!!!
So in the above photo you see Monster Mafia member Josh Alexander & myself (Ethan Gabriel Owens) standing in an ROH ring across from the Decade's Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs. By the way I didn't choose this photo to showcase Josh's rear end, trust me, if I could find a photo of my booty I would have used that instead! This match was the 1st of the weekend & a killer match at that. In my last blog entry I talked about how important this was to my career & how important this was to Josh & I personally & it delivered on all accounts. This was another test for Josh & I under the ROH banner & from the fans in attendance & feedback backstage seems like we passed with flying colors. They announced SOME of these matches will be airing on ROH TV, so hopefully you fans will be able to check it out. If not, from what I saw of the ENTIRE event, this one's definitely worth picking up on DVD or VOD. <---- merch available here!

Which brought us on a GREAT big high all the way back to my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario where we captured the Tag Team Titles at Fringe Pro Wrestling. ( ) What a crazy trip this was. Sometimes I don't sit back & think about how stupid Josh & I are. Ya, ya, ya  I know, wrestlers drive long & far & put on the miles & grind it out. This isn't me complaining, because I'll do this EVERY DAY to live the life I currently have. But holy crapola, we left Hamilton at midnight on Friday & drove through the night for 10 hours to get to Chicago around 10am Hamilton time, 9am Chicago time. So we killed some time & went to see Sin City 2 in a theater with bad ass recliner lazy-boys which everyone slept in accept me. Then joined ROH Champion & his wife MsChif for a game of baseball at some random park in Chicago, to performing at Death Before Dishonor, stuck around to watch the show & get some feedback & back on the road at 12:30am Hamilton time, got BACK to Hamilton at 10am, I dropped off the boys at my place, walked my dogs, watched a couple matches with em, let the guys sleep, went to celebrate my Dad's 51st birthday at my folks house, came back home, grabbed the boys & went to go wrestle a 30 minute main event tag match & win some more titles. When my weekends AREN'T like this, I legitimately go stir crazy & insane. What a great weekend! And to top it all off, the Monster Mafia got some GREAT news....

Now, I mite get my wrist slapped for this, because we obviously haven't been announced yet but it's 2 weeks away & I wanna do my part as a talent on the event to promote this as MUCH as I can! For the first time EVER, myself & Josh will be performing on the main show for ROH in our hometown (well, 30 mins from my hometown & 30 mins from his). This is sooooooooo HUGE! We couldn't be MORE proud or more excited about this & we hope that fans in the area join is in the Maple Leaf Gardens & show support because we'll be bringing our best & will support Ontario Wrestling & our cities with pride. I have no idea what our match is & could care less. It's been a dream of mine to wrestle in Toronto for ROH. This is where my first dark match was in 2009 & here we are 5 years later & I'll be featured on the main card with my best friend as my tag team partner. My brother by choice Josh Alexander! has ALL the info, if you DON'T live in Canada though, it's okay because it's LIVE on iPPV! Or, if you leave close enough come see me in action Friday & Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio for my home promotion that's always held in #GodsHouse (Turners Hall) Absolute Intense Wrestling!
This brings me to a little personal gripe I have with my current situation. Now, previously I was announced for all 3 dates for the awesome #WrestlerRager14 event in Cleveland for AIW. Although I was elated with the news we'd be doing the iPPV in Toronto, my stomach also sunk into my balls. In grade 10 I failed science & had to go home & pray my Dad wouldn't take off his belt & whip my ass. I had that SAME feeling when I had to do this to the dudes at AIW. Ya, I know, I sound like a giant kiss ass who's full of shit. But I love AIW & owe these guys everything for getting me to the point I'm at in my career. So cancelling one of the three days sucked for me & with all the guys being pulled as of late for ROH & missing AIW I'm sure Josh & I pulling off just added to the fire & publicly I'd like to apologize to them & to the fans of Cleveland.

So Friday September 5th & Sunday September 7th I'll be in my home away from hometown CLEVELAND, OHIO! Reppin' AIW & doing my best to put Eddie Kingston in his place. Trust me, AIW is delivering the BEST product right now. Every live event is special & every DVD offers the BEST production (SMV is amazing) & the pre show promos are ALL unbelievably good! Order some DVD now! ! Make sure you show up with all your friends & family for this special wrestling party, because that's EXACTLY what it will be... a freaking PARTY!


If you can't make it to an event but still want to support myself & Josh Alexander, head over to & if you're super broke & can't do that just follow us on twitter @OfficialEGO @walking_weapon & make sure to share all our YouTube videos!

Thanks again for reading another long winded pointless entry into my blog of nonsense!

- "All Ego" Ethan Page